Today, the NTPsec Project announced the 1.0 release of NTPsec.

NTPsec is an implementation of the “Network Time Protocol” or “NTP”. NTP is how the internet keeps correct time, which is critically important for cybersecurity and for auditing, and is necessary for online finance, cloud computing, media streaming, data storage, email, calendaring, and for keeping the clock on your desktop set.

NTPsec is based on the original reference implementation created by Dr. David L. Mills, now Professor Emeritus at the University of Delaware and one of the original creators of the Internet itself.

As a “first production release”, NTPsec 1.0 is offered to open source developers and to government, corporate, and academic internet and compute infrastructure, to provide local and network remote time synchronization via the standard NTPv4 protocol.

The goal of the project is to harden against security vulnerabilities and especially against “amplification attacks” that threaten the stability of the entire Internet. The project welcomes the participation of information security researchers, and practices Responsible Disclosure.

The project uses modern open source community development practice, including the Git distributed version control, permissive open source licensing, and a community centric development model, where all contributors are welcome.

Contact Information

The NTP Security Project can be contacted at: