In alphabetical order:

Mark Atwood

Mark Atwood is our Project Manager.

Mark is a Principal Open Source Architect in the Open Source Group at Amazon, and previously was the Director of Open Source Engagement at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His experience includes working with and creating technology industry foundations, standards bodies, and conference organizing committees, usually because "it needs doing". He prefers to work behind the scenes. He describes his job as "learning amazing stuff and meeting amazing people, and then introducing them all to each other". His previous employment includes being the Open Source Advocate for Red Hat OpenShift, the Community Manager for Eucalyptus Systems, the Director of Community Development for Gear6 Memcached, and a Senior Technology Advisor for at Sun Microsystems. He is a coauthor of the OAuth Core specification, and is the co-owner of an industrial-art makerspace.

When he is not traveling, he makes his home in Seattle.

John D. Bell

John is our systems administrator and infrastructure gnome.

John has been using, programming, and administering Unix and Linux systems for more than 30 years, and at a glance could be confused with User Friendly’s "Sid". He has previously consulted to AT&T Information Systems and the Ford Motor Company, and currently works at The University of Toledo (Ohio). He prefers to operate Chinese-stagehand-style, quietly and unobtrusively keeping all the widgets lubricated and wheels turning.

When not working on open source systems and projects, John hacks on Victorian houses with his wife and aspires to write science fiction.

Ian Bruene

Ian is our Python prodigy.

Since mid-2017 he has been the primary maintainer of the Python parts of the NTPsec codebase, and is slowly getting to know the C side.

In his free time he is usually procrastinating on immersive sim design or herding cats.

Daniel Fox Franke

Daniel is the team’s InfoSec specialist and first responder for security issues, and is our cryptographic specialist and code reviewer.

Daniel is a Principal Security Researcher at Akamai Technologies. His job is to help engineers write safer code, particularly when it involves cryptography, and with the assistance of formal methods when appropriate.

Daniel’s hobbies include running, mountaineering, and dog sledding. He has swum to shore from Alcatraz Island and solo summited Mt. Washington in February in 65mph winds. He tweets as @dfranke.

Gary E. Miller

Gary is our GPS and PPS guy.

To pay it forward, he has worked on the gpsd project for over ten years, and so brings that wealth of experience to the NTPsec project.

After graduating from Brown University with two degrees, GEM spent over 20 years in Silicon Valley doing Automated Test Equipment, reverse engineering, and forward engineering for a wide range of tech companies.

After moving to Bend, OR in 1998 Gary shifted more into the softer side of the internet. Now he commutes and telecommutes all over the world to consult on a wide variety of projects.

When the gravity of the world seems to build up, he takes to the skies in a small plane, with his dog as co-pilot, to commune with nature.

Hal Murray

Hal is our voice of wisdom.

Hal is a retired engineer who worked at the hardware/software boundary. He won’t be insulted if you call him a geek, nerd, or hacker. He likes chasing glitches, quirks, and bugs. Hal caught the time bug a long time ago; in the early 80s, the time servers at Xerox PARC were set from his watch.

Eric S. Raymond

Eric is our architecture and protocols guru, and the project tech lead.

Eric S. Raymond has been the technical lead of GPSD, a close peer project of NTP and one of its principal time sources, since 2004. GPSD has billions of deployments in Android smartphones world wide and is a mission-critical component in most of the world’s drones and driverless cars and robot submarines. He is also well-known as the author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar and one of the founders of the modern open-source movement.

ESR brings the NTPsec project deep expertise in software architecture, DSLs, application-protocol design, end-to-end testing, and several other technical areas. His tools jailbroke the NTP Classic repository out of BitKeeper, and he composed a lot of the website you’re viewing.

In his spare time, Eric trains in kung fu and Western sword, shoots pistols, writes a blog, and reads science fiction.

Matt Selsky

Matt Selsky is our Release Manager and project infrastructure Reliability Engineer.

Outside of NTPsec, Matt is the team lead on the Platform Reliability Engineering team at Two Sigma, a financial sciences company. One of his team’s many responsibilities at Two Sigma is high precision timekeeping for the low-latency trading environment.

Matt holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. In his free time, Matt has been going down a Jack Reacher rabbit-hole.

Susan Sons

Susan is the team’s InfoSec specialist emeritus.

Susan is a Senior Systems Analyst at Indiana University’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, and is director of the Internet Civil Engineering Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and securing the common software infrastructure we all depend on. Susan comes from a background in abuse management, web development, and web application pentesting.

In her free time, Susan writes, practices and teaches martial arts, contributes to open-source software, and volunteers as a search-and-rescue and disaster relief worker. Susan lives and raises her mini-hacker in Bloomington, IN.

Known vulnerabilities: can be bribed with dark chocolate, occasionally disappears into forests for extended periods.