is our forge

We use as our forge.

Our group is at

Please use the issue tracker and the pull request process at that group. The issue tracker makes helps us not drop anything, and the merge requests ensure your work is properly credited to you. is a mirror, not our forge

We maintain a public mirror of the repo at

Please do not use GitHub issues or GitHub pull requests.

Hacking guide

Please read and obey the devel/hacking.adoc file.

License of contributions

Annoying but necessary legalese:

By submitting patches to this project, you agree to allow them to be
redistributed under the project's license according to the normal
forms and usages of the open-source community.

The license of new code is to be BSD-2-clause. The license for new documentation is to be Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Contributions and patches with no license information will be assumed to be under these licenses.

Please do not submit code under GPL or other licenses which place conditions on derived works; we cannot accept such code. Please avoid submitting code under any license other than BSD-2-clause, and avoid submitting docs under any license other than the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the necessary rights to contribute to the project.

Development Practice

Before starting significant work, please propose it and discuss it first in the mailing list. Other people may have suggestions, will want to collaborate, and will wish to review your code.

Please work on one piece of conceptual work at a time. Keep each narrative of work each in a different branch.

As much as possible, have each patch solve one problem.

A patch needs to comfortably fit in a reviewer’s head.

A patch must not leave the project in a non-functional state.

Optional: Send patches by email

If you are unable to use pull requests, we welcome simple fix and "drive by" patches submitted by email.

Create the patch with git format-patch against the tip of master of the main public repo.

You can email your patch to if you are a member of that mailing list, or you can email your patch to if you are not.

When we merge in your patch we will use the git parameter ---author with the contents of the From header from your email and the git parameter --date with the contents of the Date header from your email. So make sure your From header is correct.

For complex contributions, please use